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A celebration of life

Robert (Bob) May 1919 - 2015

Bob May was a well known character through his involvement in the Glastonbury Male Voice Choir.

Bob, although small in stature, was a towering influence over many years. He served diligently as treasurer during the 1980’s and 1990’s being a stickler for detail.

He continued to sing with the bass section until well past his 90th birthday and only retired from active participation about three years ago as his advancing years and ill health took their toll.

In recognition of his long service and support, the members of the choir unanimously elected him as choir president. This was an honour of which he was extremely proud and continued to attend concerts right up until the annual Guest Night concert in May 2014.

Bob was a man of great pride who wore his advancing years with great patience. He was fiercely independent and never happier than in his own home in Street. I have spent many hours in conversation with him there during recent years. He was always pleased to see me, had plenty of interesting tales to tell and maintained his interest in whatever the choir was doing.

The members were greatly saddened to learn of his passing and, although inevitable for anyone of great age, we realise that he had kept going through pure strength of will and he will be missed by all who knew him.

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