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Come and celebrate our 95th year with us, we have been singing since 1923

No upcoming events at the moment


First Tenors

Rodney Gifford
Tim Harris
Rob Holmes
John Huxtable
Jim Jarvis
Ewen Logan
Philip Peppard
Dave Scarrott
Tony Sherlock
Rob Trayhurn

Second Tenors

Reg Alford
Cliff Banbury
Hugh Goddard
Chris Hargreaves
Tony Harrison
Martin Linter
Daryl Livingstone
Mark Schmid
Tim Sellers
Mike Shave
John Tucker
Ron Wheeler
Terry Williams


Gareth Ballard
David Gibbon
Glyn Hallett
Keith Hills
Richard Hughes
David James
Lyn Jenkins
John King
 John Newsome 
Richard Sheard
Brian Sorensen
Paul Wallis
Andrew Warner


Ian Burt
David Greenwood
Derek Hiller
Drew Simcox
Peter Lander
David Taylor

Come Join Us

If you think singing with us may be for you, we invite you to pop down to Glastonbury Town Hall on a Tuesday evening at 7.45pm. It is free to come and give it a try; there are no auditions and we welcome all men of any singing abilities. We would normally team you up with someone in the choir with a similar voice to help you make a start.


A Century Of Singing Together

We have the know-how you need.

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